Monday, June 26, 2017

What's Been Up with Me!

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I have been saying for months that I need to get back to blogging but life has gotten so much in the way lately. Between the kids’ sports, school, and the new business, it has flown by. I am surprised I sit here today at the tail end of June when it just felt like it was January.

Let’s catch up everyone with what has been happening the last few months. The kids were both in sports. The girl played softball and the boy was in baseball. The girl’s season ended at the end of April (we had to much going on to continue with the all-stars this year which was a first). The boy on the other hand went to nearly the end of May because his team was doing so well. They finished second in their division. It was a wild ride and we spent many nights at the ball park. I loved it and made some great friends along the way. Can’t wait till fall ball to start so we can be back out there.

School was intense especially with the girl who had her three STARR tests (she did great on all) plus it was the end of 5th grade so lots of big things were happening. I somehow got sucked into facilitating the party and it turned out great with a few small bumps and of course things I would change if I had to do it all over again (there always is). I also had to do the boy’s first grade party which was fun. So, this fall I will have a 6th grader and 2nd grader. Time sure flies.

First and Last day of 1st Grade

First and last day of 5th grade

The biggest thing was the new business which I know many people have been curious about. A few years ago, the hubby really really wanted a drone, so for Christmas one year, he convinced me he needed one. He had one in mind because you could write code for it. So, over the next few years of tinkering, he had the idea to apply for a Phase 1 NASA SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program. So, he applied and we waited pretty much expecting it not to be awarded anything because it is super competitive.

Fast forward a few months and it is now late spring of 2016, we were having our usual morning date at IHOP, talking about how the awards were coming out. We still were joking about not winning and well a few hours later, the hubby’s company was awarded a Phase 1 contract to basically write drone software. So, the rest of 2016 was him working his butt off to complete the Phase 1 portion.

Than the waiting game started to see if Phase 2 was ours and back in March, our startup was awarded that. It has been crazy and basically no slowing down especially for the hubby who works like crazy to make this all work. I help with all the admin like stuff and pick up in areas that need it even though I can't write code. Honestly, I have zero idea how all of it works. Though it is amazing to see his hard work and dedication pay off.

Shortly we will have employees and it will be more than just us who are working on the software system that my hubby has created. It hasn’t been easy and super long hours for the hubby but we think it will be worth it and should level off in August.  Kids have been great through it all and are excited to see the things Dad is working on. They benefit sometimes the most because they get to use the toys, I mean tools he has purchased like learning to fly drones.

So that has been what is up with me. I am really hoping to start blogging more. I totally updated the blog with a new layout which I really like.  I need to write more in general because all this stuff is always running through my head. I of course have found time to craft and am always adding on to my hobbies. I have a new one that I love to do and it feeds into my nutso organization issues. Thanks for stopping by and listening to my ramblings about this crazy life we have been living.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Waco Fun

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My Mom and her friend came down to visit this week so they can wanted a vacation feel while down here and try something new to see. She loves Fixer Upper and of course asked if I would mind driving up to Waco. Of course I wouldn't mind because I have been looking for an excuse to go up there myself. I tried convincing a friend to go over Spring Break but it just didn't work out.

So we packed an overnight bag and headed north to Waco which has become the new design center of Texas. It is about a three and half hour drive from Houston through beautiful hill country and quaint towns. As you arrive in Waco, the Silos greet you from the freeway.

Arriving there, we saw tons of places selling parking spots, but I headed around the back of the vast complex and pulled right into the free lot attached to Magnolia Market.

A quick walk brought us into the back entrance where food trucks, flowers and lots of people enjoying the Texas  weather (it was hot and humid). The first thing we spotted was of course a personal size watermelon drink that a bunch of people were sipping on and I knew we would have to try.

As we walked through the complex, you could see the personal touches the Gaines have put into this place. It is tasteful and priced moderately with family fun in mind. We of course snapped the obligatory photos of the Silos and signs as we walked into the store.

The store wasn't huge and if no one is in there, would take about 15 minutes to look around. With it being crowded, we spent maybe 25 minutes looking around. Prices are high but you are "paying" for the Magnolia name. Tons of shirts expressing love for shiplap and #demoday floated around the store. My purchase included an adorable canvas tote with the Silos printed on and a bookmark. There isn't a ton of decor items in there and I think their website has way more.

After we were done, I promised the kids that we would track down the watermelon drink which was just a small watermelon which had an immersion blender taken to it. It was a perfect summer drink treat and the three of us ate off it for awhile. We also tried the grilled cheese truck and crepe truck which were tasty.

Of course after enjoying lunch and some conversation with fellow tourists, we ventured over to the Silos Bakery. It was well worth the 15 minute wait on heat for some of the best cupcakes I have ever had. I got the lemon lavender which was heavenly and we also got the huge bacon chive biscuit. 

After spending a few hours there, we headed to a motel up the road. Everything is super close to the Silos and pretty easy to get around. After resting, we found the cutest Market called Spice Market which was a store full of everything and anything crafty and homey.

We also took advantage of the free night at the Dr. Pepper museum and the kids got to try soda from a real soda fountain. It was made the old fashion way with syrup and seltzer water.

After that we of course had some good Tex Mex before calling it a night. Heat and humidity will do you in here in Texas.

The next morning, we visited the Findery which is another cute decor store, rode the free trolley around downtown to learn about the history. We tried some unique cold press juice bar and went again to the Spice Market.

Of course I spotted In and Out so we had that for lunch (always animal style). We ended our trip visiting the Historic Mammoth site which my seven year old just loved. It was well worth the trip off the beaten path to see the active dig.

Overall Waco is a great place to visit. I would love to have done more walking exploring if Baylor University and maybe a driving tour of the Fixer Upper homes. We all had a blast even though it rained some!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Baseball Season is Starting

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Yes the first thing out of my mouth was "are you getting softball ones to?" 

I wasn't the only one asking and they are checking. 

So of course I saw these adorable raglans with baseballs on them and knew I needed to make a shirt with it but what. I have so many softball centric and many baseball are similar but I found this idea and was like YESSSSSS!

So of course once it is in my head and I need to create and do it so  after some time cutting on my Cricut, and pressing, here is the finished project. 

I will be making a similar one if they get softball shirts in to the vinyl shop (I got mine here). 

I figure if I am living at the sportsplex for the next 4 months, I should look cute- right?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dr. Who pillows

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If you know me well, you know I love Doctor Who specifically number 10 David Tennant. Though I know this is more 11 in the saying but I love it and decided to use my skills to make me some adorable pillows for my chairs. I love nerdy crafts. It is cuddle and cute. My son loves the Van Gogh inspired Tardis print which I got at Joann fabrics. I was just looking for blue fabric and saw this and had to have it. 

It took longer to cute out the HTV for the pillow than to actually make the pillows. It feels good to sew even if it is a simple sewing job. 

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

More Scrapbook pages

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My goal this year is to do a few pages for each month and I though maybe if I prep and have ideas in my head, I can take the pics to match. So I figured that these I cased from Pinterest would be cute ones for school picture day and Valentine's Day which happen so fast and quick. 

I love seeing an idea and taking my own spin on it. I plan on sticking the kids pic inside the heart of love and that is the new SU paper for VD. Isn't it cute. 

I have SO much paper that I really need to use it. I use to crack into a pack right away and I found a few unopened ones so shame on me. I organized them better so I can use them more efficient. Actually that has been my goal this new year, is to group things better an have them more handy. So far so good. 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


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This is going to be an odd post with a variety of things going on. So you may wonder why the title of two years. If you known for awhile, you might be able to guess but if you know me from after say May 2015, you may not know that I had a pretty big accident that almost took my left hand (you can read about it here). You might have noticed the scar there and afraid to ask. I might have told you flat out with a chuckle how the accident happen. It was a fluke in so many ways and had set a ton for that year that was awful. 

2015 from my accident on, was like one accident after another. I swear I had never had so much badness floating around me. Between myself, family and just life in general I did wonder if we would make it through. We did and now two years later, I reflect that it made me stronger. 

I can't say all the badness ended and 2016 wasn't shining either but it wasn't as bad as it had been. The only really good thing in 2015 was the incredible trip we took as a family to Disney World. I needed a project to get me out of the funk of 4 months of rehab and basically not being able to use my left hand. You become very inventive when you can only use one hand. 

So fast forward to today which is my anniversary. My hand aches pretty bad because we have a storm  just coming in. I need to take some to help with the aches. I am thankful though that I have my hand and could have easily had it taken off. Sliced tendons were minor than in the whole thing. 

So over the last two years, I have tried hard to maybe appreciate things. Lot of different things have happen, some wonderful and others heartbreaking. People who use to be a presence in my life aren't anymore but new ones have entered. Just today the hubs and I had a nice conversation with a couple very similar to us. Maybe it is a start of new friends or maybe it was just a good conversation. 

Two years ago, I won't have guessed that we would be nearly full throttle in a new business awaiting the next step. I did some running today, to help my hubby with an idea he had. I love doing that sort of stuff. I crafted some and actually pulled my sewing machine out which is not often. I would make stuff and someone would be critical of it making me not want to sew much.  I like to craft and it isn't perfect ever but it is handmade. 

Life makes so many twists and turns that you can get dizzy by it all. Things you like are a good thing may often end up as bad things and well good comes out of bad as well. Here I am being able to type with both hands. I can wear my wedding ring which for nearly a year, I couldn't. I am finding joy in more things with my kids.

So many things happen in two years and when you look back you realize it all happens with purpose. So thankful for the people that came through it with me! I am sure in another two years even more will be different. 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I love my Instant Pot and Crock Pot

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So I read this Huffington Post article (you can read it here) where the author proclaims her dislike for the crock pot because she feels it makes her a lazy cooker. She rather have that cup of coffee in the morning than do five minutes of prep. 

So here is the thing because I think not using it being lazy. These machines are so awesome for time management. Here you can make a nice home cooked meal using the crock pot or the pressure cooker on nights where you are busy. How nice to come home to a meatloaf done when you get home instead of taking upwards of 90 minutes to get it ready and cook it. Yes I have times it. So here I use the slow cooker, prep it in under ten minutes and let it cook all day. This is always one of the best meatloaf. I have also done it in the instant pot which takes half the time. 

I guess I manage my time better in the morning because I can prep a meal and stick it in plus get that cup of coffee. Than when I get home, I can blog like I am doing now and enjoy a glass of wine while my Instant pot is making homemade chicken noodle soup (before I had it, I would start it around 3:30 when we got home from school where now I can through it all in and have it done in about 20 minutes. 

I rather have the wine or maybe two glasses!

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